Matica “Drop On Demand (DoD)”

MATICA introduces a revolution in the financial card market the DoD (Drop On Demand) personalization technology, available in our central issuance solutions. DoD is a big step forward from conventional “CIJ” or “TIJ” Continuous or Thermal InkJet technology, where the ink is deposited in a continuous stream. With DoD, the printhead deposits ink onto the card surface only when and where it is needed, enabling much higher accuracy and precision in ink layering. The ink is then subsequently UV-cured for durability. What are the advantages? – Cost-efficiency – especially for batch production – Substantially lower cost per card vs ribbon-based printing technologies – Significantly faster processing – High quality printing – Cards are more durable – abrasion resistance is four times higher for UV-cured DoD inks than for thermal transfer printed cards Matica recently launched the S7000Jet central issuance platform. Based on the successful S7000 platform, the S7000Jet introduces DoD technology to the company’s portfolio.

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